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As an avid but price savvy shopper, I subscribe to a handful of discount online retailers. They feature my favorite luxury goods for rock bottom prices but with a catch; the goods are released at a specific time and once the site sells out of the product, the sale is over. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to miss these sales if the retailer operates in a different time zone; a 9 am sale in NYC sounds great if you’re in Boston, while those on the West coast have their dreams of discount handbags dashed as they sleep through the sale. Fear not shoppers, I’ve got a solution.

The TimeZoneCalculator provides the current time in any timezones of the user’s choosing so when I’m searching my favorite shopping blogs to discover these sales, I set an alert in my google calendar to wake me up or remind me at the correct time.The widget is easy to set up and displays multiple countries’ time zones.

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While I may use the widget for sale hunting, its applications extend beyond finding the best deal on a pair of Jimmy Choos. Let’s talk vacation:  TimeZoneCalculator is especially helpful when booking flight and hotel accommodations. When I flew to SF from Boston, I missed my flight by 3 hours because of a timezone miscalculation. I can look back and laugh at this #travelfail, but I’d like to avoid future costly flops.  For the time zone challenged, Hipmunk and TimeZoneCalculator have partnered up with the goal of making the travel planning process easier.

 Now, after looking at arrival times of flight options, I always take into consideration both my current time the local time. It may seem like a wise decision to arrive at Miami Beach at 10AM, until you realize that is 3AM in your local timezone. Let’s avoid the four hour camping session in your hotel lobby because you forgot about the time change, shall we?

 We encourage travel bloggers, or anyone with a timezone need to download TimeZoneCalculator. If you’re interested in saving time and money and avoiding frustration, booking with Hipmunk and using this handy calculator is a must.

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