While Out Riding: Traveling the World on a Bicycle


In my years of round-the-world travels, I’ve come across many people doing a similar trip with very different ways of getting from A to B. Motorcycles, cars, hitchhiking, walking – you name it. But I’m always impressed by those who are doing the rough roads by bicycle: the stamina, tolerance for injury and bad weather and general grit are commendable.

I met Cass in Bangkok, back in 2008. He happened to be sitting next to me on a curb when a drunk man threw up on my foot; as friendship-makers go, this wasn’t your usual introduction. But we laughed it off together and I got to hear all about his prior travels on two wheels, which were incredible. He’s travelled through Iran all the way to Kyrgyzstan, North West China and into Pakistan – on a tandem, no less. He’s also ridden from Sydney to London, through Tunisia and Morocco, and through backcountry Cambodia. Over the years, his gear has gone through some changes and a serious beating.

I’ve followed his current site, While Out Riding, as he’s made the trip from Alaska down to South America. As armchair travel goes, his photography and writing are superb. And as someone who only learned how to ride a bicycle late in life (in Ecuador, in 2008), I can’t help but look at his site with wonder and awe.

Some of Cass’ photos from While Out Riding

While Out Riding

While Out Riding kit

While Out Riding kit

So why does he do it? Says Cass on his about me page: 

Everyday living becomes more straightforward, funnelled through the simple act of spinning pedals, and the in/out rhythm of breath. A bicycle is minimal and uncomplicated, so it’s fitting that riding is a great de-clutterer. A brain and body sieve; keeping muscles and lungs working the way they should be, helping unmind the mind.

Some other sites devoted to travel and biking:

Cycle for Water: Two Dutch friends trying to bring attention to the global water crisis by cycling 30.000 km down the Americas on bamboo bicycles.

Volks on Bikes: a biking adventure chronicling the adventures of the Volk brothers, Jason and Jeff, and their father, Doug, as they journey via bicycle from the Artic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Family on Bikes: a family’s adventures on two wheels.

Traveling Two: Two Canadians who set off in 2006 to travel around the world by bicycle and now run a site for their own adventures and others travelling by bike.

Paul Cycles World: Paul will be setting off in February 2012 to cycle 18,000 miles around the world to break a world record, looking to ride 135 miles  per day every day.

World Biking: Eric and Amaya have we’ve cycled more than 90,000 kilometers through almost 80 countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The latest leg of our two-wheeled journey is a circumnavigation of South America. 

Rolling Tales: After cycling across Western Europe in 2010 Emma and Justin are continuing by bicycle through Turkey, Russia, Mongolia China and SE Asia in 2011.

Going Slowly: Tara & Tyler’s trip around the world by bicycle. 

Have any favorites dedicated to biking and travel? Leave them in the comments!

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