Travel & News Roundup – April 8, 2011

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg, a former lawyer who has been traveling (and eating!) her way around the world for the last 3 years. Her views and opinions are hers alone and do not represent Hipmunk. You can follow Jodi on her Legal Nomads blog or on Twitter

Hello Hipmunks! I’m back with some weekend reading for all of you, plus a shiny new chipmunk version of me, thanks to resident Hipmunk artist Sure_Ill_Draw_That. I’ve been travelling in Asia for the last several years, and the chopsticks are a welcome addition!

* * *

Plenty of interesting things to read these last few days. For starters, this incredible timelapse of a flight from San Francisco to Paris, showing the Northern Lights from the air. Stitching together 2,459 photos from the flight, each shot using a Canon 5D mk II with 16mm – 35mm lens attached to a tripod, the video is a wonder to behold. Says YouTube user NBolt who created it “Thank you Air France!”.

Img_5923 Paris from the ground is beautiful, let alone from 35,000ft!

Click, pan, zoom & be amazed: if bigger is better, than the talented Jean-François Rauzier is in good shape. His incredible hyperphotos of daily scenes are mesmerizing. Each photo can be viewed and manipulated in fullscreen mode. Warning: this might suck up a lot of your afternoon.

It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past. This list is me talking to a previous version of myself.” “How to Steal Like an Artist – a fun, interesting read from Austin Kleon about 10 things he wish he knew back in college. [via]

I’ve been a big fan of WNYC’s RadioLab podcasts for a long time, and this weekend’s New York Times Magazine examines how it came about with a recent article on the obsessive pleasures of RadioLab. For those Hipmunks who have never listened to the podcast, it’s an hour-long feature that takes a topic and examines it from a few different angles. If you’ve got a commute and are looking for something to listen to and learn from, this might be for you.

And another great option for the morning or afternoon commute, full-text and instapaper links to all of the 2011 National Magazine Awards finalists

Proposed China hotel shaped like a pingpong paddle. (Logistically? Handle = observation deck, paddle = guestrooms and base = the conference rooms. No word on where the ping pong ball will be located.)

Looking to move abroad but not sure of how much it would cost you on a monthly basis? Matador Network compares 8 world cities, thanks to its far-flug editing staff, and breaks it down by the numbers

I can’t stop staring at this incredible astronomy photo of the Milky Way galaxy shimmering over Teide National Park in The Canary Islands’ Tenerife. Just gorgeous. (A bonus for those who like their planets – HTML5 Planetarium! [via])


This would be my only astronomy photo: moon over San Pedro de Atacama. It’s a start?

We may not watch much of cricket in America, but for a huge amount of the world’s population, it’s an incredibly important part of their lives – this year’s Cricket World Cup had well over 1 billion viewers. In Focus curates 36 photos of jubilation and defeat after India beat Sri Lanka to take the Cup.

US Passport Day is this Saturday!. Barring, uh, government shutdown, this Saturday (April 9) passport agencies and participating passport acceptance facilities throughout the U.S. will be open to accept applications without an appointment.

….and finally, Neatorama can only guess at motives but one thing is clear: the Oregon House of Representatives appears to have rickrolled itself

Back on Tuesday for another roundup!


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