Trip Planning 101

Well, it is official, Hipmunk has launched its most innovative feature yet, Trip Planning. With Hipmunk’s easy to use planning features, you can now save, manage and access your upcoming trips!

So lets get planning. First run a flight or hotel search. Next to the flight description you will see an option to add this search to a trip. Simply enter your trip name and hit “Create”! Voila! Now that your trip is active all of your flights, hotel, packages and car searches will be saved to your Trip in one easy to access place! Not exactly sure what you want? You can run as many searches as you like and easily compare options for flights and hotels for your Trip under the “My Activity” page.  Trip Planning Overview

Have multiple upcoming trips? By using your Hipmunk account, you can create and save multiple trips at a time. Remember, all of your searches will save to your active trip! To activate or deactivate a Trip simply click the “Active Trip” menu in the upper right hand corner of the page and all off you Trips will pop up!

Planning a trip with your friends? Easily coordinate schedules by using Hipmunk’s “Share Trip” tool! When you share a trip, you can email all of your saved searches and trip details to others!! How awesome is that?! My Activity Page - Share Trip

On the go? Who isn’t! You can now access your saved trips across all of your devices. Simply log in to you Hipmunk account and all of your searches and saved Trip Details, will be accessible wherever you may be. Now with our new “Access” feature you have the ability to access Hipmunk Trip Planning anywhere, which means your dream destination is always at your finger tips!

Scared of change? Have no fear, all of Hipmunk’s classic features, such as “Fare Alerts” still exist with in Trip Planning!

Remember, don’t let planning travel drive you nuts! Hipmunk Trip Planning has got you covered.

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  1. Combine these new and improved features with the already powerful Flights Search, and Hipmunk delivers one powerful trip planning tool indeed!

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