Possibly the best chicken rice stand ever?

Jodi Ettenberg Legal nomads

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During my travels through Southeast Asia, it’s always fun to see the way vendors serve their foods. From artful mounds of fruit to piles of shrimp, lined up meticulously in a glass case to add to soup to many other edible treats, there is no shortage of eye candy.

But I’ve never seen a rice and chicken vendor like this one from Dalat, Vietnam. A 7-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat is in the southern part of Vietnam’s central highlands and is known as the city of eternal spring because of its mild (but not scorching) climate.
Presentation here cannot be beat! Steamed chicken, sausage and quail eggs, as well as sticky rice.
chicken rice in dalat
Chicken and rice never looked so fun! Dalat, Vietnam
(Thanks to James for the photo)

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