New: Walk Score Heatmap and Hotel Sort

It’s official! Now, when searching for hotels, you can layer a unique Walk Score heatmap over your search results highlighting the neighborhood hotspots for walkability. Walk Score measures how easy it is to get from one location (in this case a hotel) to amenities such as grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, parks, schools, entertainment and libraries. Check out how they do it here.

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Hipmunk is one of the first companies applying this to travel planning, because we understand that when visiting a new city, for business or pleasure, travelers want to find hotels near coffee shops, restaurants, and parks where they can hold meetings and kill downtime. Or, many want to find a hotel where they know they can walk to entertainment, restaurants and bars at night.

Here’s how to find the Walk Score of hotels on Hipmunk:

You’ll first notice the new addition to the heatmap lineup—the walking person at the far right side of the bar:

When you click the icon, the Walk Score heatmap overlays on the map below:

This gives you a quick view of the neighborhoods that have a large density of walkable amenities.

When this heatmap is active, the hotels listed on the left will automatically be sorted by individual Walk Score:

And, when you click the hotel listing on the left or its marker on the map, more details on the hotel will pop up. Clicking on the “Neighborhood” tab within the details box will show all heatmap scores, including Walk Score:


What are the amenities / businesses you like to have near your hotels?

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