We’d love to speak at your event – here’s how to get team hipmunk on a stage

Firefoxscreenshot002 As I run off to speak at FFP Spring Event 2011, I thought it’d be appropriate to invite you to visit our SpeakerGram page if you’re interested in having Adam, Steve, Danilo, or I speak at your event — we’re always happy to share any insights we’ve gained growing hipmunk so far (or in Steve/my case, starting and growing reddit, too).

Here’s the roster:

  • Adam Goldstein¬†(Co-founder/CEO/TravelNerd)
    Even though he just graduated from MIT, this isn’t his first startup — he also co-founded BookTour.com and authored AppleScript: The Missing Manual. Watch him at the 2011 Travel Innovation Summit.

  • Steve Huffman (Co-founder/CTO)
    Co-founded reddit before this in the first round of Y Combinator. If you want to learn about how to actually build and scale a site to handle over 1.1 billion pageviews a month or understand his approach to building products that hit the core of what people actually want, he’s your man. Check out his talk from FOWA.
  • Danilo Campos (head of iOS development)
    Thanks to his hipmunk iPhone app and rocking LAUNCH demo, we took home the award for Best Design. He’s obsessed with building a fabulous user experience.
  • Alexis Ohanian (head marketing dude)
    I love sharing my playbook for making something people love. In fact, it hasn’t changed much since I used it to co-found and grow reddit with Steve, but the effectiveness has increased dramatically thanks to how much more people live online and how much more they demand a great experience. I once gave a TED talk.

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