Welcome, Ketralnis!

We’re thrilled to announce that ketralnis (a.k.a. David King) has joined our engineering team. He’s the latest ex-Redditor to join us, after spez (our co-founder), kn0thing (our logo designer and marketing dude), and KeyserSosa (our scientist).


From the Reddit blog post:

It’s been my time to go for a while but now that hiring is so far along and there’s so much great news about reddit’s future coming in, I feel like I can leave the site in good shape and in good hands. I know that you guys will do great things without me, and I’m genuinely excited to see them. I’ll still be hanging around the site of course, but I’ll be going back to just posting pictures of cats with captions on them.

I’m looking forward to rejoining my friends at Hipmunk and helping them build a company to make travel search suck a little less. I’ll be tagging along with them at sxsw so if you see us there make sure to come say hi!

See you soon in AUS!

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