We’ve Packed Up and Moved!

We’ve been growing a bit, and after cramming too many people into a bullpen and a small, windowless office, we’ve found sunnier, more spacious digs in SOMA. Not only is the office bigger and brighter with nooks, lofts, and alcoves, but it’s located in a very cool part of town—blocks away from AT&T park (home of the Giants), hip restaurants and bars, and tons of other startups.

At lunch yesterday, we all commented that we feel very at home in this rustic, treehouse-like space.

Below are some pics from our move and of the new place. If you’re ever in SOMA, be sure to come say hi!

Packing up the old space…

…and unpacking in our new home. Where the engineers will sit…

Andre’s ready to work!

Soon to be lounge area…

…getting closer…

Bets this fridge makes it around that corner?

(it didn’t :) )

Peering into the fishbowl, where coincidentally, Adam “Goldfish” Goldstein will sit:

The PR and Marketing loft

And some near complete after shots: 

Looking down our alley toward Townsend St.:

Our front door and Hipmunk sign:

And what do you think we should do with this scary room???

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