What better way to spend a Friday night than…

… stuffing envelopes with hipmunk luggage tags, stickers, and postcards signed by the founders (and me, a dude who was there doodling the logo a week before the launch).

I’d been collecting a list of our awesome earliest adopters and their mailing addresses, waiting for the day we’d have all these items in place to ship off to them. My girlfriend and I recently spent a long Friday night (and Saturday morning, frankly) writing, stuffing, and mailing hundreds of these care packages. 

And it was absolutely worth it. I’m just glad she’s so patient (and yes, I took her out for a nice dinner on another night).

We aspire to show our users how much we care in everything we do, not just in the products we build. if you’re an advocate for our little chipmunk, we know how important you are to us. Let us make your day.

Img_0181 Img_0183 Img_0182 It’s been great watching so many of you tweet about how much you appreciate the care package! Thank you.

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