Breakfasts from Around the World

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I’ve noticed as I’ve travelled that one of the many conversations on a continuous loop regardless of destination is about what people are eating for breakfast. Specifically, about how crazy it is that they chose a food that is so [insert one: salty/spicy/creamy/sweet/rice-filled] said breakfast is.  People have opinions about breakfasts. 

When I was around 7, I asked my family if I could have rice for breakfast. Given my English/Polish and Canadian roots, my family was quite confused. Rice for dinner, sure. But for breakfast? It wasn’t until I started travels through Asia that I realized rice was perfectly normal as a start to the day, as was thick green curries and spicy sambal, chicken-laden soups and much much more.  It’s been fascinating to see what people decide is worthy of their morning meal, and fun to try it all as I go.

One of my favorite breakfasts: chicken noodle soup with fried garlic and fresh herbs, $1 from a street stall in Laos –

Hostelbookers curated a list of 50 different breakfasts around the world on their blog, from Spain to Hawaii to Iceland to Iran, and many more. It was a fun read, and many were dishes I hadn’t encountered on my own gallivanting. Thanks to Cameron from IndiaonmyPlate for sending.

So Hipmunks: what’s for breakfast in your neck of the woods?

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