What is Hipmunk? One fan answers that questions with a superb video (we liked it so much, we interviewed him, too!)

Our fabulous community hipmunk, Florence, received a link to this fantastic fan-made video “What is Hipmunk?”

Well, we were so impressed, we needed to interview Miguel Hernandez, maker of this superb tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to create such a rocking video and then answering our questions, Miguel!

Made something awesome that was inspired by hipmunk? Let us know!

Was the hipmunk video your first tutorial?

It’s my third. All of them have been created for startups. The first one was created last year to promote my own first startup, called Pointkit.

Basically, an online project management service I built from scratch. The second, I did last month for a really cool Vancouver startup called Summify which is a social news reader. Incidentally, yesterday, the two Summify founders (and friends of mine) flew to Sillicon Valley to raise a second round of angel investment. And the third, well.. I created for you!

Follow-up: How can others contact you about having a video tutorial created?

They can write to me at miguel@grumomedia.com, thanks!

What software do you use to produce this?

A combination of Adobe Flash and After Effects CS3. All video editing is done in Final Cut Pro.

What’s your experience in video production?

I have been involved in video production since 2004. I started volunteering as a Production Assistant at several music videos and commercials. My first small break was when I was given the chance to edit Biff Naked’s video for her version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Eventually, I got hired as a Cameraman/Editor/IT-guy for a large video post production facility called Fiver Media here in Vancouver.

I loved the startup culture there and had a chance build a great network of super talented filmmakers and improve my shooting and editing skills tremendously. Basically, we had access to the coolest video equipment one could dream of. In the summer of 2008 the company folded and I decided to freelance with my improved shooting/editing skills. I bought my own camera equipment and started shooting small events, corporate videos, and directing my own music videos.

In addition to shooting, I love web development and spend a great deal of time creating websites, including Pointkit, and some other side projects.

What was it about hipmunk that motivated you to do this?

I have a unique passion for cool startups and for telling stories. Hipmunk is no doubt a cool startup, with great founders that have an incredible knack for building great products fast. Not many companies can execute that well. Anyone can say, oh yeah.. flight search sucks, let’s build something better.

Most would fail at the “building something better” part. I think the team at Hipmunk has actually delivered on the promise, and I truly admire that because, as a web developer myself, I know how hard that can be. On the other hand, I also know how hard is to explain to people why your product is worth checking out. I noticed Hipmunk did not have a tutorial yet so I saw a great opportunity to create a little video that would explain your product.

I will feel extremely accomplished if this video helps just one more person understand what Hipmunk is all about.

Go and take over the world you little funky chipmunk!

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