What’s Cheap, Plugged In and Always Looking For Pleasure? The Millennial Traveler! [Infographic]

Last year we launched our first Millennial Travel Habits Study. We uncovered some pretty quirky stuff so this year we did it again.

We surveyed over 1,400 participants about their lifestyle, personal preferences and travel habits to get to the bottom of how this much-talked about generation really travels. And who could do it better? With more than 75% of our employees in the millennial age range, it turns out that Hipmunk shares their love for painless, efficient travel. And if it’s holiday themed, all the better…

Want the gist? Millennials will do some crazy things to save money. And they won’t really shell out extra cash for amenities that aren’t tech related. When it comes to tech, they want constant connection. Check out the infographic below for more details. For full dirty details,  check out the complete data set in this nerdtastic chart.