What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Experienced on a Flight? (best of @reddit)

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This question bubbled up on /r/AskReddit a little while back and we thought we’d share some of the highlights with you. Be warned, some of the comments get rather graphic — mostly involving bodily functions.

Here are some highlights that won’t ruin your appetite.

My sister was flying alone when she was a little girl, the airline put her on the wrong flight. She was sitting next to a man who asked her where she was going, she said Baltimore, the flight was to Texas. They turned the flight around, brought her back to Chicago and fed her ice cream until a later flight to Baltimore.

Severe turbulence. I wasn’t scared because we were really high up and turbulence is only a concern for me when they are trying to take off or land. What did freak me out a bit was when we seemed to free fall for a second or two. Have you ever seen orange juice pour up?

Former flight attendant here […] I saved a passenger’s life with CPR and defibrillator training we received during flight attendant training. They told us in class we’d most likely never use it, but it was mandated FAA training. Sure shit, a few months into my job, there I was, watching the defibrillator shock a guy back to life. It happened at a major city terminal and I swear there were at least 100 people standing around in a circle watching. It was a surreal feeling and my training kicked in automatically. I have to say, it helped that a heart surgeon stopped to assist me. He kept checking his airway while I did the chest compressions. The old guy’s ribs broke on the very first compression and he shit and pissed his pants while we worked on him, but hey, he pulled through! So the next time you think flight attendants are just glorified cocktail waitresses, think again. They might someday save your life.

Had a mentally challenged 40 year old guy on a flight with his elderly father. Half way through, he had a massive panic attack. He started lashing out at his dad, who withdrew as much as the leg room would allow and raised his hands defensively. I’m a pretty tough cookie, but this kinda thing makes me bawl like a little girl. Anyway, he was only the row in front of me, and having some experience with the mentally disabled I started singing a song my uncle (Downs Syndrome) likes. Unfortunately, my uncle only knows that one fucking song, so we spent the entire ret of the flight singing Wind Beneath My Wings :)

So, hipmunks, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced on a flight?

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