When to Go 2018: Hipmunk’s Annual Travel Planning Guide

When to Go 2018: Hipmunk’s Annual Travel Planning Guide


It’s the most anticipated data of the year! When to Go 2018, Hipmunk’s annual travel planning guide, pinpoints the best time of the year to visit popular destinations for maximum savings. And for this year’s guide, we went all out—analyzing millions of flights that spanned an 18-month booking window to ensure that travelers are equipped with the right info to check some boxes on their bucket list.

Some key When to Go 2018 findings:

Start the Year Off Strong

January is historically the most cost-effective month to fly, for both domestic and international destinations, with domestic airfare 21 percent lower on average than peak summertime booking prices. Similarly, January international travel is 20 percent less expensive on average than international travel during the summer. (It’s also the least-traveled month of the year for Americans.)

It may be the traditional vacation time—but it’s also when crowds and prices peak.

Rethink Summer Travel

Instead, look to bookend your travel for the best deals; for domestic travel, this means at the start of the year and after summer (or shoulder season: August and September). International travel’s biggest savings are also found at the start of the year, peaking during the summer and then dropping in the fall. If you’re itching to visit Korea or Hong Kong, November offers both the lowest prices and mild weather.

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Let’s get into the charts. (To enlarge, simply click on the image.)

When to Go 2018: Domestic Travel

when to go 2018


When to Go 2018: International Travelwhen to go 2018

Methodology: Hipmunk analyzed the average booking prices for RT airfare departing from the US from June 1, 2016, – November 30, 2017, for flights that departed and returned in 2017.