WIRED.co.uk argues why you should join the war on paying for hotel Wi-Fi

I’m hardly alone: recent surveys by JD Power and Hotels.com both suggested that the vast majority of travellers resent paying extra for Wi-Fi when they’re already paying high hotel bills. Most annoyingly, it tends to be the more expensive hotels that charge the most for internet access — with budget hotels most likely to offer it free. As the Economist’s Gulliver blog has pointed out, the smarter chains are somehow getting away with “British Airways prices for the room, and Ryanair prices for the extras”. So join my campaign to persuade them to stop charging guests extra for Wi-Fi.

via wired.co.uk

Internet access is just the sort of thing we take into account with our “ecstasy” sort on our hotel search. In the words of Chris, our Chief Scientist, “we don’t explicitly include free wifi, but it is included implicitly (from fitting value per amenity.” There are amenities that are simply indispensable for some travelers — a hotel without Internet access is quite agonizing for this hipmunk.

But getting it for free (with reasonable usage caps) is the least guests could get for dropping a few hundred dollars a night, right?

What do you think, hipmunks? Will you join David Rowan (editor of Wired magazine UK) in his war on hotel Wi-Fi fees?

Tip of that aviator goggles to @frmbriyawthxoxo for sending us this story!

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