Wow! Named @ReadWriteWeb Top 10 Startup of 2010

Hipmunk: The Power of a Good User Experience

hipmunklogo_dec10.jpgOftentimes we put up with painful experiences as consumers simply because there are no good alternatives, and we can lull ourselves into thinking that those unsatisfactory ways of doing things are just “how things are done.” So when I first heard about Hipmunk, an airline flight search engine, I wondered “Why?” There are already many ways to search online, ways to bid for your tickets – albeit none of them great. But it’s better, I suppose, than dealing with an airline directly.

But one look at Hipmunk – even better, one search via Hipmunk – and you can see how smart entrepreneurs can enter an already-crowded space and disrupt it with a great user interface and a great user experience. Rather than forcing you to click through pages of results to find the right flight, Hipmunk gives you the results on one page and allows you to have a pretty granular level of control over exactly the things that make a flight feasible for you – price, time of day, number of stops, for example.


Thanks, Read Write Web! We were thrilled to be named one of the best user experiences by Mashable, but this is just icing on our icing. Yes, chipmunks really like icing.

If reddit taught us anything, it’s that user experiences make all the difference. We’ve always strived to put users first — improving travel search is no exception — and everyone is responding so well to it!

But here at hipmunk, we’ve got short memories when it comes to praise. There’s still a lot of work to be done. We couldn’t do it without you, though, so please keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep taking the agony out of travel search!

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