You’d hate ads ruining your travels; why let them ruin your travel search? [pics]

We’re always thinking of interesting ways to communicate all the ways hipmunk is a superior travel search — sometimes it takes an image (or eight of them) to remind folks that our ad-free interface is actually built with the user in mind. We’re avid travelers, too, and we’d much rather be planning out our adventure than closing pop=ups and sifting through unhelpful search results (which are only there to keep you looking at more ads).

I sent over a slew of my own travel photos to Shaun (infographic wizard & photoshop master) along with one gem from hipmunk contributor Mike Scrivener, to see how he could ruin these shots.

Bonus quiz! Identify each location (answer below).








See the whole gallery on imgur, click here.


#1: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
#2: Great Pyramid of Giza (and the other two pyramids of the Giza Necropolis), Egypt
#3: Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
#4: Colosseum, Rome, Italy
#5: Great Wall of China, China
#6: Parthenon, Athens, Greece
#7: Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy 

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