You Hipmunks are adventurous sleepers!


This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

On Tuesday, I asked you “where’s the craziest place you’ve slept while traveling?” The responses have been terrific.

From Mary:

During a vaccination and health promotion campaign in the mountains of Honduras, I slept on two tables pushed together in a one-room school… the mattress came the second night, which was a definitely improvement. We were 5 hours by donkey from the nearest town, and I had an unnerving encounter with a fer-de-lance in a latrine that ended with a village full of men running after the snake with machetes.

You can see her makeshift sleeping arrangements here.

From Mike: When I slept overnight in a rain-sodden field in Orkney.” You can read more about his (soaked) experience. You can read about his long, rainy night here.

From Roxanne: ”I’d have to go with a hammock in the Amazon jungle or a tent in the middle of the White Desert in the Western Sahara.”

From Tuarn:

On the border between mongolia an China, Erlian/Zamyn Ude. At 4am, the border wasn’t open but a guard house was – which was lucky cause we where the only ones there and it was raining… this is not the way most westerners cross:) Thankfully they had hot water there and there guards brought us a heater when they turned up for work, lovely thoughtful Chinese guards :)

From Marie: “An ATM vestibule in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls. Not fun.”

From Naomi: “Sleeping on a rooftop in Ladakh, and then another in the Tsangpo Valley in Tibet, under the stars, wrapped in blankets against the chill. Magic.”

From David:

A Chinese truck stop on the Nepal border. There was a torrential downpour and all the bugs in the area came inside to share the dorm room with dozens of backpackers and Chinese truckdrivers.

On my end, another great memory was sleeping on the deck of a slow boat in Northern Myanmar. It was during a solar eclipse, and I took the boat because the widest part of the eclipse cut a line directly over the boat’s path. For 3 nights, I shared snacks with the Burmese people on the boat, sang karaoke with the captain (hooked up to the PA system, no less!) and wafted down the river on the way to Mandalay. 

The slow boat at dusk:

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers!

For the rest of the roundup, check out the reader comments here and here for all the awesome places you’ve stayed on the road. Keep up the crazy travels, Hipmunks!

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