Your Guide to a Private Island Vacation (Hipmunk, Airbnb, and Socialcam want you to go there)

We’re excited to be rocking SXSW with Socialcam & Airbnb (whose listings you can find right along side hotels in our hotel search).

We’re so excited that we’re partnering to offer you the chance at a private island vacation.

Visit our official Socialcam SXSW Challenge site (beautiful, right? Dustin Curtis designed it) for all the details and the link to download the app.

Then make sure to print out this handy in-flight-guide designed by our very own Shaun Sanders (remember his baggage fee infographic and shark vs. kayak parody?). We hope to meet plenty of you hipmunks at our party this Sunday night; unfortunately, we’ve sold-out of tickets.

Sorry if you haven’t gotten one! Email me with subject line “No more tickets for me :( sad-hipmunk-fan” and I’ll try and make it up to you.

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